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March 4, 11:00 AM Central

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8-Week Challenge Agenda

(Every Monday 11am-12pm Central, March 4th - April 22nd)

Week 1: Get Business Now - Right out of the gate, we will show you how to secure new loans in 30 days.
Week 2:  Analytics / Realtor Class Planning - How to measure business growth, what to focus on and planning your Realtor class.
Week 3: Effective Realtor Webinars / Peak Performance - The most efficient method to attract/close Realtor partners and how to maximize personal performance
Week 4Maximizing Transaction Opportunities - Creating new referrals and partnerships during the transaction.
Week 5: Lead/Loan/Project Management and CRM Setup - Learn the most efficient setup to organize and structure your business for leads, loans, projects, and team.
Week 6: 5 Ways to Add Value to Realtors - How to make yourself ultra valuable to Realtors and separate yourself from other lenders.
Week 7: The Ultimate Client Presentation - How to establish strong value with buyers and not get rate shopped.
Week 8: Marketing-Sales Funnel / Q&A- Putting it all together.  Q&A.

We guarantee you will get either 2 new leads, 2 new referral partners or 2 new loans in 8-weeks, or you can take the course again for free.  This course has a 25 person limit so secure your spot ASAP.

Challenge Rules

The goal is to walk away with results, therefore to get the most out of this challenge, the following rules are in play:

  1. Show up to all sessions
  2. Show up on time
  3. Cameras on
  4. No attending from cars
  5. Participate in chat
  6. Do the assignments
  7. There will be prizes for challenge winners

Following these rules will ensure maximum results.  We understand there may be circumstances that will requires exceptions to a session, but do not make it a habit, make a commitment.

Start your 8-week journey to more loans today

Payment options include a one-time payment with 20% discount or monthly payment option. All payments are nonrefundable.

What Students Are Saying

“KMPC's courses and innovative campaigns have been a phenomenal boost for my business. In just three weeks, we've secured three new contracts, received three referrals from past clients, had two inquiries for home equity lines of credit, and arranged five appointments with cold leads ready to renew their home search. His strategies have not only accelerated my success but also reignited my passion for what I do.”

Julie Herrmann


Khai McBride

CEO / Head Coach

Known as the entrepreneur’s systems coach, Khai McBride’s business acumen and coaching skills are widely recognized by top mortgage companies nationwide. Voted among the 40 Most Influential Mortgage Professionals Under 40 three years in a row by National Mortgage Professional Magazine, he is an expert in systems, database management, and mindset.