New Approach, Better Results

Welcome to KM Performance, Where We Redefine Success in the Loan Industry

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. 

The mortgage industry has been taught to focus on prospecting and selling since the beginning.  But we understand that the essence of a successful loan officer extends beyond just acquiring leads. Our mission is to empower you with strategies that transcend conventional prospecting. We specialize in four core areas: 

Conversion Excellence: Branding, Value Creation, and Impactful Presentations

  • Our strategy begins with powerful branding, assisting loan officers in developing a compelling identity that resonates with clients and referral partners.
  • We focus on innovating value programs that exceed expectations, setting you apart in the marketplace with offerings that are both unique and highly desired.
  • Recognizing the importance of presentation, we guide you in creating stunning, persuasive presentations that effectively showcase the high value you deliver, ensuring every interaction with clients is impactful and memorable.
  • By providing tools and techniques for effective communication, we ensure your value proposition is clearly understood and appreciated, driving higher conversion rates.

Scalable Growth: Systematizing for 10x Increase

  • The primary bottleneck in loan officer production is the reliance on manual processes. Our methodology transforms this limitation into an opportunity for growth.
  • By introducing streamlined processes and automation, we help you increase your capacity up to ten times, turning potential into tangible success.
  • We emphasize the development of scalable systems that support your growing client base without sacrificing service quality, ensuring your business expands efficiently and effectively.

Peak Performance: Overcoming Procrastination and Building Discipline

  • In the loan industry, procrastination, lack of discipline, and fluctuating motivation are common hurdles. We tackle these head-on.
  • Our comprehensive approach includes refining time and calendar management, fostering healthier lifestyles, and emphasizing fitness to build mental and physical resilience.
  • We focus on mindset and emotional management techniques to cultivate stronger, more consistent behaviors, ensuring you remain focused and driven.
  • Our goal is to transform you into a more disciplined, motivated, and effective loan officer, capable of achieving and exceeding your professional objectives.

Modernization of Practice: Navigating Change with Advanced Strategies and Tools

  • In a world where markets, generations, and technologies are constantly evolving, loan officers must adapt to stay relevant and effective. Our focus is on guiding you through these changes.
  • We introduce you to evolving strategies and cutting-edge tools that are essential for reaching out to new target niches, presenting effectively, converting prospects in different demographics, and expanding into new markets.
  • Many loan officers find it challenging to keep pace with these changes, especially when it comes to adopting new technologies. We specialize in helping you overcome these challenges.
  • Our approach involves not just learning new technologies but seamlessly integrating them with innovative strategies, ensuring you grow and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

At KM Performance Coaching, we do much more than just coach; we're in the business of redesigning loan officers into extraordinarily valuable and sought-after professionals. Our expertise in conversion, scalability, performance, and modernization ensures that you perform at the highest level consistently, day in and day out. Embrace the journey with us, and become the epitome of success in the loan industry.

"It is insulting, in today’s market, landscape, generation, modern technology world to be told to do the same strategies from 20 years ago.  It’s even more insulting to be told to do more of it to be successful.  You need to evolve or you'll die." —Khai McBride

Coaching Academy

Our Coaching Academy offers a comprehensive, integrated suite of learning opportunities. We provide the best combination of collaborative learning environment and personal attention to maximize growth, along with timely trainings and events to expand your horizons. Together, we work on strategies, mindset and structure for your business, and define the path forward.   The Academy is tailored to the needs of loan officers with 4 distinct offerings. 

Starter Program

A great place to start before diving into full coaching. Our Coaching Starter Program is a monthly membership that includes bi-weekly LIVE webinars and access to our vast online library of exclusive training videos.

Full Comprehensive Coaching

In addition to webinars and trainings, our full coaching programs add accountability, collaboration, instant support, LIVE workshops, privates sessions, team training, and LIVE masterminds to help you implement better and faster. (We accept 5 new client enrollments per month between the 20th and 31st to start on the 1st)

Executive Coaching

For business owners, managers, and leaders, our Entrepreneur Performance program provides coaching at a one-on-one with Khai McBride to help you grow and scale your business, while building your leadership, management, and performance skills. (Khai only takes on 10 executive clients at a time, so inquiry about openings or joining the wait list)

Full Coaching Events

Our KMPC Basic, Pro, and Elite members receive trainings from a variety of speakers on various topics during our Weekly Workshops. 

Which Program is Right For You?

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