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Welcome to KM Performance, Where We Redefine Success in the Loan Industry

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.  And that is what plagues the mortgage industry.  When the market goes bad, we are told to go back to basics.  But what if the basics we were taught are good, but also create the same cyclical mess?

The mortgage industry has been taught to focus on prospecting and selling since the beginning.  But the foundation of a successful loan officer extends beyond just acquiring leads because new business alone doesn't create sustainability.  Our mission is to empower you with strategies in 4 key areas that not only support growth but longevity: 

Conversion Excellence: Go beyond just getting the sale. Create raving fans that come back and refer everyone to you.

Scalable Growth: Be careful what you ask for because you might get busy.  But being too busy can be a bottle neck for further growth.  Proper scaling allows you to handle the rush while still focusing on growth.

Peak Performance: Creating consistency is more than time management.  Understand the cause and effects of performance and maximize your output.

Modernization of Practice: Longevity is about adapting to ever changing markets, consumer habits, and technology.  Get ahead of the curve to lead markets so you don't chase them.  

At KM Performance Coaching, we do much more than just coach; we're in the business of redesigning loan officers into extraordinarily valuable and sought-after professionals. Our expertise in conversion, scalability, performance, and modernization ensures that you perform at the highest level consistently, day in and day out. Embrace the journey with us, and become the epitome of success in the loan industry.

"It is insulting, in today’s market, landscape, generation, modern technology world to be told to do the same strategies from 20 years ago.  It’s even more insulting to be told to do more of it to be successful.  You need to evolve or you'll die." —Khai McBride

Coaching Academy Memberships

Our Coaching Academy offers the best combination of live and recorded training courses, collaborative group masterminds, and private sessions to maximize growth. Together, we work on strategies, mindset and structure for your business, and define the path forward. The Academy is tailored to the needs of loan officers with 3 distinct offerings.

Which Membership is Right For You?

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Private Executive Coaching

For business owners, managers, and leaders, our Entrepreneur Performance program provides coaching at a one-on-one with Khai McBride to help you grow and scale your business, while building your leadership, management, and performance skills. (Khai only takes on 10 executive clients at a time, so inquire about openings or join the wait list)